Seed Acquisition

The choice of seeds and clones can determine the success or failure of an industrial hemp crop. Seeds and clones must be approved by LDAF, and the process for seed acquisition depends on the origin of the seed.

All ‘true’ seed, regardless of origin must be analyzed for purity and germination quality by a registered seed technologist or official seed analyst prior to being sold or distributed. Copies of the analysis report and associated seed label must accompany all seed acquisition requests.

In-State Seed

 Industrial hemp seed for planting purposes originating from within Louisiana must meet the following requirements:

Out of State Seed

To acquire seed originating from outside of Louisiana, a completed Seed Acquisition Request Form must be submitted to and approved by LDAF prior to importing the seed.  The acquisition request must include a certificate of analysis showing that the crop from which the seed originated is compliant with the 0.3% total delta-9-THC concentration level , as well the seed quality report of analysis and seed label.

Variety Designation List

A variety designation list can be found on the main page of the LDAF website.

Licensed Seed Producers

A list of Louisiana-grown seed or clone producers can be found on the Louisiana List of Industrial Hemp Licenses on the LDAF website.